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Divorce Law

Trust the Divorce Law Team at Fernandes Law

Divorce Lawyer Windsor, Ontario

Divorce Law

A divorce lawyer can provide much-needed support when you’re going through divorce proceedings. Hiring a lawyer to represent you during this difficult time will make the process much easier. You need someone with experience who understands and cares about every single small detail of your case. Fernandes Law Offices has a team of professionals who are experienced in:

  • Contracts, including cohabitation agreements or separation agreements.
  • Litigation at the Ontario Court of Justice and/or the Superior Court of Justice.
  • Attaining agreements in child and spousal support, as well as enforcing support orders.
  • Custody and access negotiations.
  • Division of assets including real estate, pensions and more.
  • Uncontested divorce applications.


Maria’s knowledge and experience has given her the insight to quickly analyze any issue related to Family Law and Immigration Law.

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